Pharmacies put patients first and provided a lifeline to Californians during the pandemic. Sacramento must act now to protect our pharmacies.

Pharmacies have a long-standing tradition of always putting patients first. That commitment was never more apparent than when the pandemic hit. Pharmacies stayed open, ensuring that Californians continued to receive their necessary medications, had access to convenient testing, and when the time came, quick access to life-saving vaccines.  Pharmacies across the State were the first to deploy testing and vaccine administration, at a time when it was incredibly difficult to access those essential services anywhere else. Our pharmacists and employees worked 24/7 to answer our questions and make sure Californians retained access to critical pharmacy care and services.

Newsom has announced a $100 billion budget surplus. Sacramento is overflowing with money. Sacramento should do the right thing to ensure pharmacies remain available in all of our communities, dispensing critically needed medications as well as providing continued access to convenient COVID-19 testing and vaccination.